Seasonal Changes & Burnished Insights

The burnished colours of orange, red, and gold are showcasing themselves more and more on still, as yet laden trees. An ‘Indian Summer’  this year has kept the winds and rain at bay and so the flowers continue to bloom in my garden, unpreturbed.

magical roseThere is a mystical beauty to this time of year as Summer steps back to allow Autumn take centre stage. This year it’s gentle entrance has given us a more generous precious gift of time in which to ease ourselves into the dark nights of Winter.

Each evening I watch through my window as twilight comes calling earlier and earlier. I see it give way more quickly to the dark blanket of nightfall and feel the chill return around my feet, which has me thinking about warm fires and stews.

Soon the winds will blow, the rains will descend and the leaves will shed themselves upon my pathways. Then I will wrap myself up and playfully kick them up as I go, and smile at their crispness under foot, as another season displays its beauty and beckons me to be fully present with its changing tones and hews.

Tree Trunk BarkThe trees and hedgerows will soon look stark and barren and hide to our human eyes their magical secret of recreation, as they intuitively begin their journey of rebirth deep beneath the earth. And for us this can also be a time when we choose to shed what no longer serves us. A time when we take the journey deep within and sow the seeds of new beginnings in good ground.

As I write this now I hear the pitter patter of the first raindrops begin to fall, embeding the seeds deeply into the earth. This is the Season of renewal, the time of year to choose something new to learn, to write, to dance, to sing, to be in tune with nature’s wisdom, a time for ‘stillness’ in preparation for a new blossoming and awakening.

Bernadette Phillips. MA., B.SocSc Dip/SocPol/Crim

Bernadette Phillips is Founder of NEW INSIGHTS FOR CHANGE and an Intuitive Coach, Social Scientist, Motivational Speaker, Conscious Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Poet and Writer, with over thirty years experience working with and in, Community, Business, Leadership and Education.

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2 comments on “Seasonal Changes & Burnished Insights

  1. I love the autumn Bernadette, with it’s rich, warm earthy colours. You describe the change of season beautifully in your writing.

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Awe! I love the Autumn too Jean, thank you so much for your lovely comment.