Please Listen to what I can’t say

For so many of us we may never be able to say or tell how we really feel. Our Mental Health is fragile and can so often be vulnerable to the impact of life situations and events.

Sadly Mental Health issues can stlll carry a stigma and therefore so often we do not dare to share our feelings for fear of being treated differently, rejected or judged.

Our lives can be so busy these days and in this age of consumerism we are bombarded with material things and with the latest gadgets being presented as the answer to what is missing in our lives.

From an early age we are told what to think and how to look. So much so that our unique self can get pushed down further and further, and become ‘depressed’ beneath all the ‘stuff’. 

Body Image and Body Confidence along with not feeling free to speak and share thoughts and feelings with self confidence, is a major issue for so many people of all ages. This Western Society for all it’s innovations, technological discoveries and inventions does not seem to know how to teach us to really ‘communicate’ kindly with ourselves and with each other with loving kindness, compassion and respect of difference.

clw-poster-3The journey back to ‘wholeness’ is so often not about learning new things but is a gentle process of the unlearning of beliefs that we learned about ourselves from others. As we do so we think differently with a new mindset and start to live from our own centre with new beliefs that we create and live from to enhance our lives. In so doing we connect again to who we marvelously and wonderfully uniquely really are, which can inspire others to do likewise.

Here is a little poem I wrote when reflecting on this.


I may not be able to show you my pain

Hidden behind my smile

I may not be able to tell you my fears

Buried deep in my mind in a pile

I may not be able to reach out for help

Or express how I feel today

Oh how I need you to take some time

To please listen… to what I can’t say.

bernadette-adare-old-creamery-jpg-2016-3Bernadette Phillips is the Founder of New Insights For Change, she is a Sociologist, Social Entrepreneur and Writer. She is a Mentor, Intuitive Coach and Motivational Speaker for Life, Business and Leadership and also teaches Creative Writing for Health and Wellbeing. Bernadette provides Conscious Living/Leadership and Health and Wellbeing Talks and Workshops and One to One Consultations.  She speaks and writes passionately about the need for Conscious Leadership in the World and the positive development and impact of Active Citizenship and Social Enterprise in Communities and wider World.

Bernadette is part of an award winning team of Citizen Jounalists and is a Radio Presenter. She is available as a Motivational Speaker for Conferences, Education Institutes and Business Events.


8 comments on “Please Listen to what I can’t say

  1. Stan Philips

    Another great blog Bernadette. Many thanks for sharing your words, your philosophy, and your poetry with the world. But in my case there is just a little more, thank you for sharing a life together as well.x

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Stan, darlin thank you so much, for your love, support and the beautiful soul of you that it is my joy to share each day with x

  2. Richard Hatton

    Brilliant, insightful and to the absolute point! An Incredible Blog.Thank you!

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Richard, mega thanks much appreciated

  3. Truthful, Beautiful, Gentle and Kind … These words encapsulate your essence Bernadette. Keep on shining your illuminious light, love and beauty. The world so desperately needs this healing and expansive vibration. Much love, Lesley x

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Lesley, thank you kindly, it is joy to connect with you as we journey… Much love. Bernadette x