‘No Room At The Inn’ Insights of the First ‘Christmas Story…’

With ‘no room at the inn’, with no place to lay their heads, and at the mercy of the elements and the hope of some kindness from strangers. As the first Christmas Story is told and unfolds, Mary and Joseph took refuge in a stable, their only source of heat to take shelter in the same space as the animals. In this humble place the labour cries and pangs of birth of a homeless mother to be, echoed through the dark night and into the surrounding countryside, until they were replaced by the first cries of a new born baby.

As I looked long into a Christmas crib, this story of the birth of the baby Jesus, told not just of a story of two thousand years ago, but also a familiar modern day story of homeless families and homeless mothers all around the World, finding themselves too with ‘no room at the inn’ as they bring their babies into the World.

NativitySimply taking note of the experiences of that homeless family, long, long ago, who no doubt were frightened, hungry, full of uncertainty, finding themselves in a very vulnerable compromised position, as the first labour pains began. Desperately seeking and needing somewhere to stop and rest. Having to make do, and the best they could with what shelter they were given, with a bed of straw and a tiny manger in which to lay their new born son.

This story is not for telling in the past tense. Nor is it for telling as one to simply celebrate in a cosy ornate building, before Christmas festivities begin. Neither is it for packing away after twelves day of over indulgent festivities, along with the Christmas lights and tinsel.

Rather this story is for the telling in the present tense, as we recognise its experiences in the stories and lives of millions of homeless families. A story that moves us to action with love, compassion and heart felt conscious understanding today, and as we move forward into a New Year.

Bernadette Phillips is Founder of NEW INSIGHTS FOR CHANGE and an Intuitive Coach, Social Scientist, Motivational Speaker, Conscious Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Poet and Writer, with over thirty years experience working with and in, Community, Business, Leadership and Education.

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  1. Stan Philips

    Such an appropriate, and timely, blog from the astonishingly perceptive Bernadette Phillips.