Since I was very young, I knew that when I grew up I should be a writer. Although life got in the way at times and I tried to abandon the great idea I had in younger years of being a writer and author, I did so with a conscious awareness that I was somehow not aligning with my true self and nature. Deep down I knew sooner or later I would have to succumb to settling into the energy flow of writing books.

As a child I wrote to express so many thoughts and ideas that I needed to get out of my head, and make some sense of both my own and the wider World. Perhaps for this and other reasons such as my deep intuitive ‘knowing’, I soon developed through my writing a way to deal with feeling ‘different’ and the challenges I experienced of being part of a education system which did little or nothing for me to encourage ‘creativity’ or critical thinking, throughout my schooldays.

I suppose I had a somewhat lonely child’s way, of writing stories that allowed my imagination to connect with ‘characters’ that did not exist in my everyday life, and through my writing, giving life to longed for conversations with other people who shared a common sensitivity regarding all things ‘intuitive’, and social justice issues.

Pen is mighter then the swordOn reflection, I think from the very beginning my engagement with literary endeavours  were caught up with the feeling of a restricted creativity in academia and having a passion to highlight injustices which I saw in everyday life, or heard about through TV, Radio. Equally through observation and in conversation with some amazing people I was privileged to meet along the way, who sought to live life creatively or differently from the status quo.

In my childhood the writing that I produced was in short story, prose and poetry and later on through articles. I wrote my first poem at around the age of four. I cannot fully remember what it was really about, but a few years later my writings at nine and ten (some of which I still have) were about love, loss and social issues

In essence, from early on, I found through my writing, a great way of dealing with things that I found both challenging or which touched me deeply. This great expression through the written word, gave me the power to be the conscious creator of my own life. The Insights of this learning I now love to share with others through my work.

As I begin now a new year, I know this is the year for my books to be shared with the World. A compilation of writing of five decades now, of life lived and experienced. I write about what I know and weave my tapestry of words into a quilt of many and varied colours. For if anything life has taught me, nothing is ever black or white but is made up of a ‘technicoloured dream coat’.

May you also be inspired to express all that is within you, waiting to be released. For there is a story, or even many stories…, in all of us.

Bernadette Phillips is Founder of NEW INSIGHTS FOR CHANGE and an Intuitive Coach, Social Scientist, Motivational Speaker, Conscious Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Poet and Writer, with over thirty years experience working with and in, Community, Business, Leadership and Education.

Website: www.newinsightsforchange.com / www.bernadettephillips.com


8 comments on “WHY I WRITE

  1. Lovely post, Bernadette. I really like this line; ‘This great expression through the written word, gave me the power to be the conscious creator of my own life.’
    You phrased that so well. I feel the same way about the written word. Wishing you all the very best with your writing in 2016.

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Jean, thanks so very much for reading the blog and for your very lovely comment. Here’s to a great year of writing for us in 2016.
      All the very best to you and your wonderful writing…

  2. Ahh, lovely Bernadette, how exciting for u and for us that u have decided to share your heart and wisdom with the world this year! To share your journey over 5 decades is a labor of love and will connect all of us on a very intuitive and intimate level, which u do so well already..expanding hearts and minds! Best of love and light to You!

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Marie, thank you, I really appreciate that. Much love and light to YOU!

  3. Stan Philips

    I am in the happy position of watching the gestation of these blogs. Delighted to be the first to see them. And watch as the ideas are born.

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      As always, thank you for your ever constant support Stan x

  4. A beautiful piece Bernadette. I will watch with excitement for the next entry! XX

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Thank you very much Aoife, really enjoying it xx