The Power of a Thought in Action

Feel the PowerYesterday morning I woke up and while doing my few minutes of conscious reflection on life and what is happening in the World. I felt strongly not to just let those thoughts fade but to actively do something to connect with others around the World, with a focus on creating, Peace, Love, Equality, Inclusion, Justice and Freedom for ALL.

So I set up a Facebook Event Page calling it “Gathering of Energy for Peace and Love in the World.”  and invited people wherever they were in the World to join with me at 8pm to 9pm (BST) to light a candle and connect our energy.

The time fo the lone wolf is overI was inspired by the focus and vision from;      “A Hopi Elder Speaks”

“We are the Ones we have been waiting for”

I watched as people began to invite other people to this event, I watched the numbers go up of those who said they would partake in the hour and I felt the anticipation growing that something wonderful was taking place.

Through-out the day I became more and more aware of how important this connection was to people and the burning desire for them to come together in oneness. Not just as a counter to all the chaos and atrocities happening across the World but also as a way to create a New Conscious Way of living, sharing and being in the World.

As I watched people’s tremendous interest in an desire to participate, I became very aware of the timing of this and the point in the road at which we find ourselves in the World and of the huge need to be active, (both local and global) citizens. I have written over the years about the focus needed on working For rather than Against issues and to put our energy into creating and BEING, as Ghandi put it;

“Be the Change you want to see in the World”

Candle (2)As 8pm drew close, again I watched the Event Page come alive as people began to connect into the Event and post with word, video and photos the lighting and burning of the flames in their candles. More and more joined in throughout the hour, it was as if the sound of silent witness was of itself a powerful force spreading itself out across the World using so positively the energy from the gathering through a social media outlet.

I was now marvolously watching this TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE unfolding as I sat with my candle, knowing it was connecting to so many other candles across the World. WOW! I felt what the Power of Now and the power of Being Fully Alive and Awake in a Moment is all about.

Tears began to flow freely down my face, I cried with joy and with immense gratitude. To say I was overwhelmed with the response would be an understatement. I am still feeling it now as I write and again I am brought to tears with the power of the emotion of the magnificance of being part of the magical power of Peace and Love in action.

Peace within.jpg 1I put up a meditative poem on PEACE and asked people to let us know, if they wished, where they were connecting from in the World. In came the replies, from across the US, UK, (England, Scotland and Wales) Sweden, Spain, South America, China, India and from the length and breath of Ireland. The energy waves raising in vibration to people’s life force. I give thanks with much love and gratitude to everyone who joined me and connected their amazing energy.

I sat for almost two hours after our hour had finished, responding to the messages and posts that kept coming in on the Event page and from private message. People who had not been part of the hour and who wanted to connect after just seeing it on their Faceook news feed connected also. I went to bed around 12midnight on fire with the light of hope burning very brightly in my heart. With a knowing and a belief that Peace, Love, Equality, Inclusion, Justice and Freedom for ALL. is not a pipe dream. It is only a breath away from that moment when people come together to make it happen.

Those of us who have must take responsibility to raise up those who have not. WE have an amazing opportunity to influence ‘real’ change. Change that is of substance. Change that raises ALL boats, is inclusive of ALL Lives. Change that reaches out a compassionate hand of Peace and Love. Change that respects difference and looks for the common ground that unites rather then divides us in our humanity. Each of us as an individual can play a vital part in its creation and be an active voice for the voiceless and assist others in finding and expressing their own voice and experiences.

Rather then fighting AGAINST war, injustice, exclusion and inequality let us GATHER our ENERGY and really actively come together to work FOR Peace, Love, Equality, Inclusion, Justice and Freedom for ALL.  For nothing can stop the flow and power of people consciously uniting in ONENESS with the Conscious Awareness that Love and Light will always overcome Darkness.

May we not wait for some magical leader to emerge but rather look within, ground our energy and step forward Now.

YES!!! may “We gather ourselves.. for We are the ones we have been waiting for”



(People have requested for this GATHERING to continue, keep an eye on and for the Facebook Event Page.

Bernadette Phillips is Founder of New Insights For Change intuitive guidance for conscious living… she is a Social Scientist, Social Activist, Writer, Speaker, Poet and Blogger.


14 comments on “The Power of a Thought in Action

  1. Stan Philips

    Thank you for your words which reflect the magic of your remarkable event of yesterday evening.
    It was a joy to sit with you, as the candles flickered away in the night, watching a small miracle emerge. Yes, the world became a glorious star!

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Awe! Stan thank you, so wonderful to share it with you. It was just so inspiring, to feel the amazing energy and to see the World light up for Peace, Love, Inclusion, Justice, Equality and Freedom.

  2. Mary Hennessy

    Lighting the candle and sitting with the flame feeling it burning with the flickering hopes and efforts of others with love in their hearts around the world was an oasis of quiet calm conscious attention to my connection to everyone and everything, to the all of this universe and the cosmos. As you point out it was a first answer to the driving need to do something, to be active, to more consciously work for change, in these days of profound sadness. Namaste.

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Mary, thank you for joining with us, I felt your wonderful energy connect across the miles. It was an amazing ‘life force’ uniting. Yes, I felt strongly to DO something and to reach out and I feel so blessed by the response. Yes! in these times of great turmoil WE must “consciously work’ for transformational change and be part of creating a better World for ALL. Peace and love to you…

  3. Twas truly a magical hour, turned into quite a few,turning that into a lasting state of being..I felt the shift…although alone, I feel totally connected in love and peace…thank you Bernadette for such an inspiring action..Rising together …peace and love be.<3

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Marie, so lovely that you joined with us and that the hour extended itself and continues to do so in as you say “a lasting state of being”. When We connect WE rise together. Peace and love to you…

  4. Eoin O Flaherty

    One drop, followed by another and another .. is all it takes to see a reality such as that of a Great Fall.. and so it is with one candle .. lit with a good purpose that will ignite others to in similar acts.. a light was shun for all to see and one that will Pierce through the darkened road.. many see ahead.. many thanks bernadette for that spark that ignited a flame for many ..

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Eoin, thank you. Awe! yes “one drop, followed by another” from such great oceans are made. Our candles lit together with one ‘good’ purpose inspires others to do likewise. As WE light up the World with Peace and love it guides our paths each day to consciously move forward to be part of creating the ‘change we want to see in the World’. Peace and love to you…

  5. Tess Mc Carthy

    I felt this had overpowered me and I stayed up until with my tree of light lighting and I felt the strength of everyone coming together for peace. Strenght and Hope
    We should do this maybe once a month?Thank you Bernadette.x and Stan x

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Tess, how wonderful. Thank you for joining with us and so great to hear that you felt so connected to everyone with peace, strength and hope. Peace and love to you…

  6. Carina Segerstein

    What a wonderful evening it was yesterday. Feeling connected to so many other souls around the world❤
    Peace and love to all ❤

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Carina, thank you for joining with us, it was an amazing gathering with incredible energy. Peace and love to you…

  7. Noreen Murphy

    Although I “liked” your fb post earlier, I hadn’t read it. It’s now quarter past 11 and I’ve just finished watching Gandhi. I started watching it last night and I just got too tired. The last 6 days have brought a series of synchronisities and opportunities to improve (quite painfully for the ol ego) and, although we’ve never met, I just want to thank you for being part of this.
    I’m so secure, maybe that’s the wrong word, safe or something, i don’t know but, here in my tiredness i know we are all connected, interconnected and interdependent and all is well.
    Peace and love to you also.

    • bernadette phillips Post author

      Noreen, thank you for connecting and for your wonderful energy here. Synchronicity is amazing as each day has so much potential and opportunities for us to experience. I am sure we will meet very soon. WE are all indeed ‘interconnected and interdependent’ Peace and love to you…