Over many years in my talks, seminars and workshops in schools, colleges, communities, businesses,organisations, and in one to one consultations, a key theme has been about consciously embracing and celebrating our ‘unrepeatable uniqueness.’ Why has this been such an important area to share insights with others? It is, because both in my own life and in the many lives I have connected with through my work over many decades, the struggles, challenges and courage to be our true unique selves, despite the imposed conditioning beliefs and ‘learned’ concepts about ‘who we are’ or ‘who and what we ought to be’ is the one so many of us are struggling with, endeavouring to deal with and are discovering everyday. A whole life can be lived trying to be something or someone we are not and can never be.

Celebrating individual uniqueness, is I believe, the one key belief and awareness that needs to be at the heart of every child’s development at home, and as a key transformational area that needs to take place with and across a whole new kind of education system and also in businesses, communities and organisations going forward.

As I ponder this I am reminded of the beautiful quote by the wonderful philospher and writer Rainer Maria Rilke, which highlights the true essence of what we are seeking to have and be, so well and succinctly;

“Through every human being, unique space, intimate space, opens up to the world”

So what makes it possible for us to free ourselves from such ‘imposed conditionings’ beliefs, learned concepts, negative patterns, useless habits and mindsets? What makes it possible to live fully this ‘unique space’ and ‘intimate space’ so that we can fully ‘open up to the world’, confident in our own ‘unrepeatable uniqueness? In my experience trying, stuggling and critically berating ourselves to change the way we are dosn’t work. For this can only produce, greater stress, strain, more confusion and more self distain. Rather, true awakening and freedom comes in connecting to the true nature of our being, the true knowing and transformational realisation, that each person is marvolously, wonderfully unique. So, if there is only one of us there is no need to compare ourselves to anyone else or judge ourselves accordingly.

UniquenessWith this new conscious knowing and awareness, we start to fully connect within and consciously really deeply begin to see and feel what either enhances or diminishes our lives. In this way we become an observer to our thoughts, feelings, memories, experiences, beliefs, mindsets, people, events, situations etc.. and then consciously say to ourselves everyday ‘I accept my uniqueness’ ‘I love my uniqueness’ and let that become a key belief and mindset upon which we ground our day. From this awakening, we start bit by bit to let go of what we no longer need and what does not serve us, and begin to embrace and fill our lives with who and what positvely supports and enhances us. This we do gently and with great love, kindness and compassion to ourselves.

With this new found self love and compassion we step into the present moment with a true and fresh quality of our being. We take and step into our own power and feel the reigns of our lives in our own hands, (perhaps for the very first time). In this way we give ourselves the physical, psychlogical and spiritual space to breathe deeply into our ‘unrepeatable uniqueness’. This very conscious and mindful awareness opens us up to a new found freedom and to an open and ‘unique space’ within us in which we can truly experience an ‘intimate space’ in which we can regularly connect to every day.

Imagine, the amazing energy and high vibration that we can have as we live from this ‘unique place’ within us and the joy, fun and incredible life of moment to moment discoveries, opportunities and possibilities we can experience with ourselves and with other people.

It is time to embrace the present moment and for us to see, feel and celebrate our beautiful, magical ‘unrepeatable uniqueness’. Fully grounded in our true being and fully whole in our unique, purpose and passion. A life, that as Rilke says “opens up to the world” as our incredible unique potential unfolds and confidently reveals itself, fully alive, awake and free.

In this present moment may YOU awaken to, celebrate and step into the freedom of, your amazing ‘Unrepeatable Uniqueness’.

Bernadette Phillips is Founder of NEW INSIGHTS FOR CHANGE and an Intuitive Coach, Social Scientist, Motivational Speaker, Conscious Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Poet and Writer, with over thirty years experience working with and in, Community, Business, Leadership and Education.

Website: www.newinsightsforchange.com / www.bernadettephillips.com