Exam Results do NOT define You.

So the day has arrived when you get your Exam Results. Take a deep breath and take a few moments. To ALL of you waiting to get these let me tell you something. These results are not and must not be taken as an absolute measure of you.

Yes, they are important if you wish to immediately move forward into further education, however, remember this is not your only opportunity to do that. They show what you could remember from study on subjects whether done all year or crammed at the end just before exams. They can show some of your capacity to give focus to a task.

However, these exam results are not a measure of your incredible uniqueness.
These exam results are not a measure of your kindness or compassion to others.
These exams are not a measure of your thoughts and beliefs about how you can play your part in making this World a better place.
These exams are not a measure of your capacity to adjust to life’s changes and ebbs and flows.
These exams are not a measure of you being an incredible friend and team player.
These exams are not a measure of how successful you can be if you choose.
These exams are not a measure of what you are capable of achieving.
These exams are not a measure of the kind of partner you can be if this is something you choose for your life.
These exams are not a measure of the kind of incredible parent you may become if you choose to be a parent.
These exams are a moment in your life that years from now most and sometimes all of the knowledge you now have expressed in them will be forgotten. Much of it not useful to your everyday life.

These exams are not a measure of your unique creativity and creative expression.

So ALL of you students waiting for exam results please do not judge yourself on them. Rather use the experience whether grade A’s or fails to be that, an experience.
Please do not let those results be that which you define yourself by.
Because you are a unique, wonderful unrepeatable human being that has so much about you that cannot be measured. Such is the wonder of you and your opportunity to live your life fully with passion and purpose.

You can be a bringer of peace, love, harmony and positive change. You can achieve incredible things. You can go out and see and travel and experience the World. You have all the time, energy and ability to choose and give yourself the opportunities that can enhance your life.

You are and can be an inspiration and incredible part of really adding something amazing to this World.
Go forward with that knowing and with confidence in yourself and unique journey. And remember to be good to yourself and others along the way.

No exams or results can give you that.

So I ask you and please ask yourselves this question. From the wonderful late great poet Mary Oliver

“What is it you plan to do, with your one wild and precious life” 💕

As one who returned to education in my 20’s and continued on for many years to study, I embraced it so differently then I had done in teenage years. So I say to you, make great choices for your life and take some time to make those choices.

Bernadette Phillips MA., B.SocSc Dip.Soc/Pol/Crim
August 2019