BEcome the Creator of Your Life

One of most wonderful experiences we can ever have, is when we really dig deep and connect within ourselves with real courage and compassion. I mention ‘courage’ and ‘compassion’ because it really does require both, along with being really honest with ourselves and taking one hundred percent responsibility for our own lives.

When we choose to consciously take this journey within, what can take place is absolutely incredible. With gentle and focused nurturing over time, we can emerge truly and marvelously changed. This is not a temporary change but one of real transformation. From this place how wonderful it is, to then share this conscious transformation with others and support them to do the same.

Just like the butterfly can NEVER go back to being a caterpillar, so it is when this transformation takes place within us. We will never again go back to being claimed by the old patterns and beliefs which held us back from realising our potential. As we emerge from the shadows what an incredible moment it is, as we become visible once again with a confidence and wonderful knowing of our own worth and value.

As we learn to move with life, with it’s ebbs and flows, we connect to an amazing resource within us, and a reservoir that will never run dry. This is there to draw on when the winds of change blow hard upon our lives. Because that is the reality of life, we experience’high and lows and times that can turn our worlds upside down. However, with our new conscious awareness we ‘know’ that whatever life throws at us we can survive and then begin to thrive again. I know this so well from my own life experiences with it’s disappointments, challenges, losses and sadnesses. But these days, I know too, that I have conscious choices and options I can make in how I think, respond and live my life.

So, when in business that phone doesn’t ring, when illness hits our lives or those close to us, when we lose a job and are seriously challenged financially and when the curveballs come so unexpectedly they knock us right off our feet. The resource within ourselves that we consciously connect to daily, which is full of our WHY and the Purpose we are here for, and to fulfill, can, if we allow it, sustain us and see us through. I know, because I live or have lived these experiences so well everyday.

Different LensSo when people ask me about what I do? I say “I inspire people to be inspired”. To ‘ See life through a different lens and with a different focus’ In my One to One Intuitive Consultations, Talks and Workshops I draw upon my own life experiences of over five decades. I know what it is like to have to begin again, in life and in business. And key to this, I know now that each moment has within it an amazing opportunity to begin again. I love sharing this conscious insight with others, because when we truly ‘get’ this we know that power is always in the present moment, and we can take that first step right now in this moment. How wonderful is that?

So, each day I endeavour to live my WHY and PURPOSE and I organise my Conscious Living Workshops, send it out with a blessing, and whoever comes, trust the Universe and let it be. For if what I do supports just ONE person to consciously awaken to their amazing, unique potential, what a privilege it is to be part of that.

So, if you are seeking ‘real’ transformational change, and when the moment comes and you can no longer hold to and live with the old patterns, beliefs and ways that are keeping you from connecting to who you really are. Then you are ready to step forward, take the reigns of your own life in your own hands and really start to live with purpose and passion.

When the moment comes when you are no longer prepared to let fear inhibit your life and the fullfulling of your dreams. Then you are ready to embrace the new, go within and be guided by your own amazing inner light and intuitive knowing.

When the moment comes and you can no longer let the chatter box in your head drown out your own ‘still small voice’. Then you are ready to turn up your intuitive knowing, which is full of the guidance and answers that you need for your own life questions.

In such moments you step into the realm of Conscious Living and are ready to become the true Creator of Your Own Life.

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Bernadette Phillips is Founder of NEW INSIGHTS FOR CHANGE and an Intuitive Coach, Sociologist, Motivational Speaker, Conscious Educator, Social Entrepreneur, Poet and Writer, with over thirty years experience working with and in, Community, Business, Leadership and Education.

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