About Bernadette


My personal experience and work over many decades has taught me many things and given me Insights about many things too. Bringing all of this together here in my Blog, I want to share my version and story of life and the benefits I have gained through living more consciously in the choices I make. The mindset I have to life’s ebbs and flows, the vision I have of being part of making a positive difference in the World and my experiences of being Intuitive since childhood and using this in all areas of my life and work.

My passion is inspiring others to be inspired and I love sharing Insights about my journey in dealing with life’s ebbs and flows. I believe in good old fashioned kindness and know how imporant it is to both give and receive this when connecting with people in all areas of life. So while I love Social Media I also know how imporant it is to pick up the phone and arrange to meet with people where possible face to face.

I have an academic background in the Social Sciences with Social Policy, Psychology, Sociology and Women’s Studies, (equality, gender, culture, business and society) and Transformation Facilitation. At essence I am  a Creative and since childhood I have used writing to help me make sense of the World. I love teaching and working with others about the benefits of Creative Writing for Holistic Health and Wellbeing.

I have worked as an Intuitive Life & Business Coach and University Lecturer. As a Social Activist I am conscious of working to create a more equal, fair and just society. I also am a Radio Interviewer and presenter, which has been around my life at different times over past three decades.

I have a Vision for making this World a better place for all. I know the highs and lows of being in business and at NEW INSIGHTS FOR CHANGE I provide Intuitive Coaching, Intuitive Readings, Creative Writing Workshops, Conscious Living, Conscious Leadership and Meditation and Mindfulness Programmes and Seminars. I am also available to give Motivational Talks for Events, Groups and Conferences.

Central to how I do life and business is my strong belief that ‘we can do good and do well’. I love to bring this into all areas of my life and support a number of humanitarians in their work, to include those on the frontline. I believe that we each can be part of making the World a better place for ALL…

in 1997 as A Social Entrepreneur, I co-founded the first project in Ireland to support single teenage mother’s to remain in mainstream education and to progress on to third level education, employment or training. This developed into a full-time service and received National and International acknowledgment. This resulted in creating awareness and appearing in and on Local and National Media, TV and Radio both National News and Nationwide Programmes along with supporting and speaking at many international projects and meeting with many Political, Social, Community and Business Leaders.

I believe that education ought to be about supporting the development and growth of the unique and creative of each individual and be part of inspiring self-esteem, self- confidence and realising potential.

I have a deep interest in Peace, Social Justice and Human Rights. I believe that key to ‘real sustainable change is working in collaboration to find ‘common ground’ and listening to each others point of view through conscious dialogue.

I am  also a Helper for the International Group Parallel Community.  To read about it please click www.parallelcommunity.com/who-we-are.html

In 2012 as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Liverpool, I was honoured to be asked as one of the Speakers at a fringe Event of this Global Congress, at the The Spiritual Entrepreneur Summit.

If what I do can assist you and inspire you to connect with your passion and purpose both in life and business,  I would love to hear from you…

I look forward to connecting with you…

Here’s to living our moments  more fully in the now

Bernadette x